Green Coffee Bean Extract

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GC7X Original Review

GC7X Original Review


GC7X is a natural weight loss product, containing mix of several active herbal ingredients. Each herbal GC7X slimming pill contains 750mg of patented blend Emulin, produced from the extract of:

  • Green Coffee Beans
  • Bayberry Bark
  • Sophora Japonica Flower

Because each of these herbal ingredients provides the effect of stimulating the metabolism, GC7X capsules help to reduce the body weight within a few months of its use.

Regular use of GC7X capsules provides weight loss, due to the fact that Green Coffee Bean Extract, Bayberry Bark Extract and Sophora Japonica Flower Extract:
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Weight Loss Green Coffee Bean Extract

Things to Know About Green Coffee Weight Loss Supplement


Today, there are many kinds of means and methods of losing weight. The most relevant and relatively new is powerful Green Coffee weight loss supplement. How does it work?

So, before describing the effect of green coffee, is to tell that this is, in general, is. The birthplace of the product is in Ethiopia, in the province of Jaffa. It was already known about the benefits of such a product. However, in order to lose weight it was used relatively recently, after some studies that have proven the effectiveness of such tools. Indeed, Green Coffee weight loss supplement is not treated and roasted coffee beans that are used in this intact and retain all of their useful properties and substance (unlike the conventional black roasted beans).

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Avoid Green Coffee Extract Side Effects

How to Avoid Green Coffee Extract Side Effects?


Many scientists studying the properties of Green Coffee extract that came to the unanimous conclusion that not roasted improve metabolism, suppress appetite, improve memory, etc. In addition, Green Coffee extract has been applied in cosmetics as oil, which is used for the prevention of skin aging. However, like any other preparation Green Coffee extract side effects also exist and they are not minimal.

The health benefits of using Green Coffee extract

The majority of black coffee lovers interested in the question: what is the hidden benefit of green coffee? Green coffee grains collected from the trees are cleaned and dried in the open air, since heat treatment cannot be used to retain the useful properties of the product. Green coffee grains are rich in chlorogenic acid, caffeine, vitamins. Read More →

Green Coffee Extract from Life Extension

CoffeeGenic Weight Management from Life Extension

Life Extension is the U.S. distributor of some weight loss products containing Green Coffee Extract, one of which is sold under original trademark CoffeeGenic Weight Management.


Besides Green Coffee Extract, this weight loss product also contains four herbal ingredients, contributing to weight loss. Each CoffeeGenic Weight Management capsule contains:

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (350mg) increases the metabolism, prevents the transformation of carbohydrates into fats, inhibits the absorption of carbohydrates and fats in the intestine.
  • African Mango Extract (100mg) prevents the transformation of glucose into fats as Green Coffee Extract, as well as provides a weak anorexic effect.
  • Potassium iodide (100mcg) regulates the secretion of thyroid hormones that in turn regulate basal metabolic rate (BMR).
  • Green Tea Extract (500mg) stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the health.
  • Chromium (150mcg) stimulates the release of energy from glucose.

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Green Coffee Extract Review

Green Coffee Extract Review: Major Facts


Throughout my career I have seen dozens of supplements for weight loss that have come and gone, including acai berry, chromium picolinate, hoodia, yerba mate, goji berries and now – Green Coffee extract review of which you can read below. As a specialist on duty, I have to be skeptical and ask tough questions, such as whether or not Green Coffee extract really works, and where the evidence of its safety?

Perhaps you have seen Green Coffee extract in Starbucks stores which is advertised as a natural source of energy and a huge amount of antioxidants. Green coffee extract for weight loss was also presented at the show “Dr. Oz”.

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Green Coffee Extract: Useful or Not

Instant Green Coffee Extract: Useful or Not?


Before we talk about what is useful in instant Green Coffee extract drink it is worth explaining the general data about this product. In fact, this kind of coffee is the same as black coffee beans, roasted but not exposed, raw. It is well known that green coffee reduces blood sugar, slows the absorption of glucose and prevents the absorption of carbohydrates in the complex leads to weight loss. However, will it have the same effect of Green Coffee extract and the other in an instant form? It should be sorted out.

The properties of instant Green Coffee extract

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SDF-4 by Alive by Nature

SDF-4 by Alive by Nature

Alive by Nature Company is a distributer of different dietary supplements that contain Green Coffee Bean Extract, such as natural weight loss product SDF-4 (Superfruit Diet Formula-4). Each diet pill SDF-4 contains 200mg of Green Coffee Beans extract. In addition to Green Coffee Bean Extract, SDF-4 diet pills contain:

  • 150mg of African Mango extract
  • 100mg of Raspberry Ketones extract
  • 50mg of Griffonia Simplicifolia extract
  • 100mg of Green Tea extract

Each of these ingredients stimulates weight loss, acting on different biological and physiological processes that take place in human body. Therefore, it is reasonable to take SDF-4 diet pills when people, who suffer from obesity, are not recommended to use diet pills with high dose of Green Coffee Bean Extract in them.
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Green Coffee Diet Pills

Efficacy of Green Coffee Diet Pills: Myth or Truth?


Is it effective to buy Green Coffee diet pills for losing weight quickly and safely as the manufacturer promises? In fact, the effect from using these slimming tablets is obvious and it is caused by the components in the composition of Green Coffee diet pills. Start by many well-known caffeine. This substance gives strength and energy. In addition, it has one property – acceleration of metabolism, which in principle leads to a faster burning calories and weight loss.

The components of Green Coffee diet pills

But there is in the green coffee and another substance – chlorogenic acid, which has diverse effects on the body. Firstly, it prevents the complete digestion of carbohydrates, which leads to consumption of existing fat deposits and reducing weight.

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Green Coffee Capsules Require to Act

How Many Days Green Coffee Capsules Require to Act?


Green Coffee capsules stand for a natural diet product that has a specific taste and has many useful features that encourage active weight loss. It consists of a blend of herbal extracts. The creators recommend not limited solely to-drink beverages, and use Green Coffee capsules as the part of a comprehensive approach, along with diet and active sports.

Why to use Green Coffee capsules?

The main effect is achieved because Green Coffee helps to reduce appetite and is working on ways to stimulate the burning of fat, accelerate metabolism and increase calorie expenditure.
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SDF-1 by Alive by Nature

SDF-1 by Alive by Nature

Many natural weight loss products, containing Green Coffee Bean Extract are available under the original trade names. For instance, Alive by Nature Company produces combined herbal medicine SDF-1 (superfruit diet formula – 1), which contains Green Coffee Bean Extract and 3 more active herbal ingredients.

Each diet pill SDF-1 contains extract of:

  • Green Coffee Beans (50% Chlorogenic acid) – 200mg
  • Garcinia Cambogia – 200mg
  • Raspberry Ketones – 100mg
  • Green Tea – 100mg

Four active ingredients in one SDF-1 diet pill allow to act on several weight loss stimulating biological processes at a time.
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