Bodylogix Thermogenesis

Green Coffee Extract by Winning Combination

Company Winning Combination is specializes in the production of dozens of different natural health products, including weight loss capsules containing green coffee extract. These weight loss capsules are available for sale under trade names:

  • Kaizen Burn
  • Xtreme Lean Burn
  • Bodylogix Thermogenesis


It should be noted that listed weight loss products contain not only the extract of green coffee beans, but also other natural ingredients. Special attention should be paid to the fact that Bodylogix Thermogenesis capsules and Xtreme Lean Burn capsules contain the same active ingredients.

Therefore, the only principal difference between natural weight loss products Xtreme Lean burn and Bodylogix Thermogenesis is the trade name and package design.

The list of natural ingredients, included in Kaizen Burn weight loss capsules

Svetol Green Coffee Extract – activates the metabolism

Raspberry Ketone – stimulates the splitting of fat cells

The list of natural ingredients, included in weight loss capsules Xtreme Lean Burn and Bodylogix Thermogenesis

Svetol Green Coffee Extract – stimulates the metabolism

Green Tea Extract – promotes the burning of fat deposits

Caffeine Anhydrous – improves wakefulness

L-tyrosine – reduces stress level

Naringin – improves mental health

BioPerine – increases the bioavailability of nutrients

Dosage of green coffee extract in one capsule of Xtreme Lean Burn, Bodylogix Thermogenesis and Kaizen Burn is just 100mg. This is a relatively small amount of green coffee bean extract, so these weight loss products by Winning Combination poorly stimulate the metabolism.

In order to maximize the metabolic activity, it is best to use natural weight loss products in which the dosage of green coffee bean extract is 600, 800 and even 1000mg.

If you want to use weight loss capsules with a high content of green coffee bean extract to fight obesity, you can order their delivery in just a few minutes. Please pay your attention to the fact that you will be able to recoup your cost for postal services when buying Green Coffee Bean Extract capsules online from Australia.

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