Combined Herbal Remedies MaritzMayer Laboratories

Combined weight loss remedies by MaritzMayer Labs

Many manufactures of herbal medicinal products offer for sale diet pills that besides the extract of Green Coffee also contain other natural ingredients. For example, MaritzMayer Laboratories is a distributor of two natural weight loss product, available for retail sale under trade names:

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract Cleanse
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract Lean

Besides the extract of Green Coffee, these herbal medicinal products contain a blend of herbal supplements, which is made by the proprietary formula. Therefore, MaritzMayer Labs assures the potential buyers that there are no the identical weight loss products on the market.

Active ingredients of Cleanse pills (MaritzMayer)

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 400mg
  • Other ingredients 400mg*

*African Mango; Cape Aloe; Flax Seed Oil; Acidophilus; Fennel Seed; Bentonite Clay; Prune Juice; Citrus Pectin; Cascara Sagrada; Rhubarb; Oat Bran; Ginger Goldenseal; Senna; Pumpkin Seed; Cayenne Pepper; Buckthorn Root; Aloe Vera; Licorice Root.

Active ingredients of Lean pills (MaritzMayer)

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 800mg
  • Raspberry Ketone Extract 100mg
  • Other ingredients 10мг**

**Apple cider vinegar; extract of African mango; grapefruit; acai fruit; kelp; resveratrol.

If you are taking diet pills containing the extract of Green Coffee but they are expensive at city pharmacies, MaritzMayer Laboratories provides the opportunity to order the delivery of diet pills at discount prices. Retail cost of Green Coffee Bean pills by MaritzMayer Labs depends on the number of packages of this natural weight loss product you decide to order.

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