Devotion Capsules with Extract of Green Coffee

Devotion 24-7 Diet Pills

By choosing weight loss product containing Green Coffee Bean Extract, one should pay attention to the caffeine dosage in one diet pill, as well as to other active ingredients in the composition of diet pills.

Indeed, weight loss products are very often sold under similar trade names. Therefore, paying attention to the active ingredients, one can choose the weight loss product, which is needed to achieve the desired result.

Many online pharmacies specializing in the sale of natural health products provide their visitors with the opportunity to buy Devotion 24-7 diet pills. The following oral diet pills are available for retail sale:

  • Devotion 24-7 Green
  • Devotion 24-7 GGR 1500


Both these dietary supplements contain several ingredients that affect different processes stimulating weight loss.

Devotion 24-7 Green Review

Each Devotion 24-7 diet pill contains 800mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract in which the concentration of chlorogenic acid is standardized up to 45% (360mg). Green Coffee Extract with high concentration of chlorogenic acid has the property to prevent the transformation of carbohydrates into fats and to stimulate the metabolism.

Due to its therapeutic properties, Green Coffee Bean Extract promotes weight loss even in the absence of physical activity. However, the maximum therapeutic effect can be achieved only in the case if Devotion 24-7 Green pills are taken in combination with diet and exercises.

Besides Green Coffee Extract, each Devotion 24-7 Green pill contains 420mg of Green Tea Leaf Extract in which the concentration of anhydrous caffeine is standardized up to 25% (100mg). Given that natural caffeine improves wakefulness and provides a moderate diuretic effect, a person becomes more energetic and his edema decreases after the use of Devotion 24-7 Green pills.

Devotion 24-7 GGR 1500 Review

In contrast to Devotion 24-7 Green pills, Devotion 24-7 GGR 1500 pills contain a relatively small amount of Green Coffee Bean Extract (350mg) and Green Tea Leaf Extract (100mg). However, diet pills Devotion 24-7 GGR 1500 contain a natural fat burner called Raspberry Ketone. Therefore, in regular use of Devotion 24-7 GGR 1500 pills, body weight decreases not only due to the increased metabolism but also due to the destruction of fat cells.

Drawback of Devotion 24-7 GGR 1500 pills is that they do not contain the therapeutic doses of natural caffeine. Therefore, their use does not allow to achieve a short-term increase in physical activity and to prevent the edema occurrence.

If you have decided to buy diet pills that contain not only the natural metabolic stimulator Green Coffee Bean Extract but also the optimal dose of caffeine, you can order the delivery of such weight loss product from any country of the world. Before purchasing Green Coffee Bean Extract pills (containing anhydrous caffeine) online, you always have the possibility to get a qualified consultation of the professional healthcare worker.

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