Devotion Drink with Extract of Green Coffee

Devotion 24-7 Complete Shake

Devotion 24-7 Complete Shake is a powder for preparing protein drink, enriched nutrient fibers, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants.052943

Low-calorie drink Devotion 24-7 Complete can be included in diet plan or can be used as sports nutrition. Nutritional value of a portion of Devotion 24-7 Complete Shake is just 100 calories.

  • To maintain the balanced metabolism, Devotion 24-7 Complete contains: saturated fats, protein, potassium, carbohydrates and sodium.
  • To strengthen digestive system, Devotion 24-7 Complete contains nutrient fibers, improving digestion (inulin, oat fiber, oligofructose).
  • To increase physical endurance and to stimulate the metabolism, Devotion 24-7 Complete contains natural caffeine, as well as Green Coffee and Green Tea Extract that have a powerful antioxidant activity.
  • To prevent the absorption of carbohydrates in the intestine and to stimulate fat burning, Devotion 24-7 Complete contains White Kidney Bean Extract and Raspberry Ketone Extract.

A portion of Devotion 24-7 Complete is 25mg (1 scoop). To prepare the protein drink, providing energetic effect, one should mix a portion of Devotion 24-7 Complete with 8 fluid ounces of milk (skimmed, rice, or coconut). It is recommended to consume daily not more than two portions of this protein, energy drink.

Devotion 24-7 Complete contains the minimal doses of natural ingredients stimulating weight loss (for example, the dosage of Green Coffee Extract in a portion of Devotion 24-7 Complete Shake is about 70mg). Therefore, it is inappropriate to use Devotion 24-7 Complete as weight loss drink.

Different weight loss drinks containing large doses of Green Coffee Bean Extract are available at the international market of natural health products. For example, minimal dosage of  Green Coffee Bean Extract in a portion of weight loss drink Skinny Coffee by Genesis Today is 400mg.

If you want to buy a weight loss drink containing Green Coffee Extract but cannot find it at city pharmacies and shops, you can order the delivery of this weight loss product online. Before buying a weight loss drink online, you always have the possibility to get a consultation of professional health care worker.

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