Energy Supplement-Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract Energy Supplement by Bioprosper Labs

Green Coffee Bean Extract is used in production of herbal medicines, stimulating weight loss, as well as energy supplements. For instance, the U.S. Company – Bioprosper Labs produces energy supplement, which contains Green Coffee Bean Extract and other eight active ingredients.

Thanks to daily use of this energy supplement, person starts to feel himself more energetic and young. Because as a result of the use of energy supplement, body is enriched with natural stimulants, essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Still, many active ingredients of energy supplement can stimulate the weight loss.

Active ingredients of energy capsule supplement by Bioprosper Labs

Green Coffee Bean (50% extract) 700mg

Each capsule contains 700mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract, which has the effect to increase the metabolism, reducing the blood sugar. By intensifying the metabolism, Green Coffee Bean Extract stimulates weight loss. Along with the weight loss, patient’s metabolism comes to normal. Therefore, once a patient stops taking Green Coffee Bean Extract, his body weight does not increase again.

Green Tea (50% extract) 100mg

One energy capsule contains 100mg of Green Tea extract. Just as Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea extract has antioxidant effect. But unlike Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea extract does not increase the metabolism, on contrary it prevents cholesterol absorption in the intestines. Thus, Green Tea Extract reduces the level of blood cholesterol, prevents cardiovascular diseases and helps to maintain good health.

Caffeine 100mg

In addition to extract of Green Tea and Green Coffee Beans, every energy capsule contains 100mg of caffeine. This amount of caffeine is enough for stimulating wakefulness and delay the tiredness, as well as for getting a short diuretic effect and reduce swelling.

Namely caffeine in energy capsules helps to relieve fatigue and increases physical activity. However, one should know that energetic effect of caffeine is temporal and usually lasts for 2-3 hours.

Proprietary blend 325mg

Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract and caffeine are basic but not the only one active ingredients of energy supplement by Bioprosper Labs. Each energy capsule contains 325mg of proprietary blend, consisting of:

  • Garcinia Cambogia (50% extract) – stimulates fat and carb metabolism
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – normalizes glucose metabolism
  • Kelp (0.15% iodine) – normalizes functions of thyroid gland
  • Grapefruit – source of vitamin C, improves digestion
  • Acai Berry – provides antioxidant effect
  • African Mango – reduces cholesterol

Dose regimen of Energy Supplement by Bioprosper Labs

To feel energetic and cheerful all day long, person should take one energy capsule in the morning and one at afternoon. Time of meals does not affect the effectiveness of energy capsules. Time interval between intakes of two doses of energy supplement must be at least 4-6 hours.

Please note that energy capsules contain a large dose of caffeine, therefore they are not recommended for use in the evening. Besides, large doses of caffeine may increase the blood flow and cause some cardiovascular side effects. That is why; people with cardiovascular diseases should not take energy capsules that contain caffeine.

If you want to buy energy supplement, containing extract of Green Coffee Beans, you can order it online from the USA. Bioprosper Labs sells energy pills that contain Green Coffee Bean Extract under the trade name GreenBean.

Please pay attention to the fact that when buying GreenBean pills online from the USA, you can get a discount and thereby offset your costs on postal services.

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