GC7X Original Review

GC7X Original Review


GC7X is a natural weight loss product, containing mix of several active herbal ingredients. Each herbal GC7X slimming pill contains 750mg of patented blend Emulin, produced from the extract of:

  • Green Coffee Beans
  • Bayberry Bark
  • Sophora Japonica Flower

Because each of these herbal ingredients provides the effect of stimulating the metabolism, GC7X capsules help to reduce the body weight within a few months of its use.

Regular use of GC7X capsules provides weight loss, due to the fact that Green Coffee Bean Extract, Bayberry Bark Extract and Sophora Japonica Flower Extract:

  • Prevent absorption of fat and glucose after meals
  • Inhibit transformation of carbohydrates (glucose too) into fat
  • Inhibit formation of new fat cells
  • Stimulate fat burn in the body

In addition, Green Coffee Bean Extract enhances the glycemic control. Therefore, regular use of GC7X capsules can reduce the probability of diabetes mellitus (GC7X is not an alternative prescription to anti-diabetic medication).

Despite the fact that GC7X capsules contain Green Coffee Beans extract, these weight loss capsules contain no caffeine. That is why GC7X capsules can be taken any time of the day, also before sleep.

Given that GC7X capsules do not contain caffeine, they can be used for the fight against obesity even if people are prone to cardiovascular risk factors. The only contraindication for the use of GC7X capsules, are:

  • Children and teenagers (18 years old inclusive)
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women

Optimal daily dose of dietary supplement GC7X is three weight loss capsules per day. The best way to use GC7X capsules, is taking them with meals. Patient can take one GC7X capsule 3 times a day, or three weight loss capsules GC7X at once.

Please note that not only caffeine-free GC7X Original capsules are available on market, but also GC7X Surge capsules that contain 750 mg of Emulin mix (Green Coffee Beans, Sophora Japonica Flower, Bayberry Bark) and 195 mg of water-free caffeine.

GC7X Original vs GC7X Surge

GC7X Surge capsules stimulate the weight loss, as well as GC7X Original capsules. However, because GC7X Surge capsules contain natural energy supplement caffeine, overweight people become more energetic and cheerful after their use.

Namely, caffeine is that kind of substance in GC7X Surge capsules, which makes easier to increase physical activity, speeding up the fat burn process.

Herewith, caffeine provides a short-term diuretic effect. Therefore, the use of GC7X Surge capsules reduces edema and likelihood of its recurrence.

An absolute advantage of GC7X Surge capsules lies in the fact that they help to reduce the body weight, making people more active. However, after a person took the weight loss capsules GC7X Surge (providing energetic effect) he can experience an increased blood flow and even insomnia. Therefore:

  • People with cardiovascular risk factors should refrain from GC7X Surge capsules.
  • People, who have trouble sleeping, should take usual dose of GC7X Surge capsules at least 5-6 hours before nighttime sleep.

In order to achieve great weight loss and to become more energetic, it is recommended to take one GC7X Surge capsule, three times a day with meals. The last dose of GC7X Surge should be taken at least 2-3 hours before sleep.

Where to buy dietary supplement GC7X?

If you are over 18 years old, you can buy GC7X online, paying the order cost by means of international payment systems – VISA or MasterCard. Please note that only the USA residents can buy GC7X (Green Coffee Bean Formula) online.

If you have decided to buy GC7X from the USA, but never ordered the shipping of dietary supplements online, you may ask your questions by phone or email, before placing your order on the site.

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