Green Coffee Extract Review

Green Coffee Extract Review: Major Facts


Throughout my career I have seen dozens of supplements for weight loss that have come and gone, including acai berry, chromium picolinate, hoodia, yerba mate, goji berries and now – Green Coffee extract review of which you can read below. As a specialist on duty, I have to be skeptical and ask tough questions, such as whether or not Green Coffee extract really works, and where the evidence of its safety?

Perhaps you have seen Green Coffee extract in Starbucks stores which is advertised as a natural source of energy and a huge amount of antioxidants. Green coffee extract for weight loss was also presented at the show “Dr. Oz”.

Green Coffee extract review: FAQ

1. What is Green Coffee extract

Coffee beans are actually green grains inside this bright red berries. After roasting, they acquire a distinctive brown color, aroma and taste of coffee. To obtain an extract of green coffee grains are not subjected to roasting.

2. Why cannot I lose weight just drinking a few cups of Green Coffee per day?

When coffee beans are roasting process, the antioxidant levels increased, but at a level of natural substances – chlorogenic acid is reduced. In addition, it is this chemical is a blocker of the accumulation of fat, increases weight loss and helps regulate blood sugar levels. Furthermore, an extract of green coffee has the usual color and smell of coffee.

3. Is safe to consume Green Coffee extract?

For me, this is the million-dollar question, because even if it works effectively in reducing excess weight, I would not recommend it if there were other unwanted side effects. Therefore, I recommend that you should try Green Coffee extract (review given by the official proves this supplement has caffeine content of 37% of the daily allowable level).

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