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Green Coffee Extract by Nutri-Fusion Systems

Many manufacturers of dietary supplements are always ready to provide the potential consumers with professional consultation. However, there are also companies that sell dietary supplements only through distributors. Therefore, a person not always has the opportunity to get more information about natural health products directly from the manufacturer.

One of such companies is Nutri-Fusion Systems. This company produces three weight loss products that contain the extract of Green Coffee Beans. These herbal diet pills are available for sale under trade names: Garcinia Fusion, Green Coffee Bean Extract and Green Coffee Bean Fusion with Raspberry Ketones.

Garcinia Fusion by Nutri-Fusion

  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract (60% Hydroxycitric Acid) 500 mg – modulates the lipid metabolism
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (50% chlorogenic acid) 100 mg – increases the metabolism, inhibits the transformation of carbohydrates into fats
  • Chromium Picolinate 33 mcg – stimulates the glucose metabolism
  • Caralluma Fimbriata Powder 100 mg – suppresses the appetite

Results of clinical studies demonstrated that the extract of Carcinia Cambogia is hepatotoxic. Therefore, people with liver diseases should not take Garcinia Fusion diet pills.

Green Coffee Bean Extract by Nutri-Fusion

Nutri-Fusion manufactures diet pills in which dosage of Green Coffee Bean extract reaches 800mg. Concentration of chlorogenic acid in Green Coffee Extract is standardized up to 50%. Green Coffee Extract 800mg is very high dose. Therefore, Green Coffee Bean Extract 800mg pills by Nutri-Fusion extremely well stimulate the metabolism and their regular use for 2-3 months can significantly reduce body fat percentage. It should be noted that information about the recommended dosing regimen of this weight loss product is not available. In addition, the manufacturer does not specify the amount of caffeine containing in one diet pill. Thus, the lack of full information about Green Coffee Extract 800mg pills by Nutri-Fusion is a strong reason for not buying this weight loss product.

Green Coffee Bean Fusion with Raspberry Ketones by Nutri-Fusion

Green Coffee Bean Fusion is a natural fat burner, having the properties to stimulate the metabolism and to inhibit the transformation of carbohydrates into fats. Diet pills Green Coffee Bean Fusion contain:

  • 150mg of one of the most effective herbal fat burners Raspberry Ketone
  • 600mg of natural metabolism booster Green Coffee Extract

It should be noted that information on the recommended dosing regimen of this weight loss product and the caffeine dosage in one Green Coffee Bean Extract pill is absent. So, if you have never taken Green Coffee Bean Extract pills by Nutri-Fusion, be sure to consult a professional health care provider before their purchase.

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