SDF-4 by Alive by Nature

SDF-4 by Alive by Nature

Alive by Nature Company is a distributer of different dietary supplements that contain Green Coffee Bean Extract, such as natural weight loss product SDF-4 (Superfruit Diet Formula-4). Each diet pill SDF-4 contains 200mg of Green Coffee Beans extract. In addition to Green Coffee Bean Extract, SDF-4 diet pills contain:

  • 150mg of African Mango extract
  • 100mg of Raspberry Ketones extract
  • 50mg of Griffonia Simplicifolia extract
  • 100mg of Green Tea extract

Each of these ingredients stimulates weight loss, acting on different biological and physiological processes that take place in human body. Therefore, it is reasonable to take SDF-4 diet pills when people, who suffer from obesity, are not recommended to use diet pills with high dose of Green Coffee Bean Extract in them.

Large doses of Green Coffee Bean Extract may contain large amount of caffeine, increasing wakefulness. Weight loss products, containing large doses of caffeine provide energetic effect. Thus, once these products are used, people suffering from obesity, become easier to increase their physical activity.

It should be noted that caffeine can increase the blood circulation and therefore the loan on heart and the entire cardiovascular system. Therefore, natural weight loss management products that contain quite large doses of caffeine are not recommended for people with cardiovascular risk factors.

There is just 200mg of Green Coffee Beans extract in one diet pill. It is a minimal dose of Green Coffee Bean Extract, which almost doesn’t affect the cardiovascular system, yet which can slow down the lipid absorption and stimulate the metabolism.

One of the active components of SDF-4 pills (which improves metabolism just like Green Coffee Bean Extract) is Raspberry Ketones. This natural ingredient stimulates secretion of adiponectin hormone, which effect is to destroy fat cells and increase fat metabolism in the human body.

Two active components of SDF-4 pills (African Mango and Green Tea extracts) provide the effect of reduction blood cholesterol, thereby preventing lipid disorders.

Besides that, African Mango extract has a very slight anorectic effect. To intensify the anorectic effect, producers added natural ingredient Griffonia Simplicifolia (provokes satiety) to SDF-4 pills.

In order to increase the metabolic rate and to stimulate the weight loss, one weight loss capsule SDF-4 should be taken 2 times a day. Time of meals does not affect the efficiency of SDF-4 capsules. As any other weight loss product, containing Green Coffee Beans extract, SDF-4 is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women, as well as teenagers under 18 years old.

Where can we buy SDF-4 capsules at low price?

If you are taking SDF-4 capsules, but they are very expensive at your city, Alive by Nature offers you to buy weight management products, containing Green Coffee Bean Extract at a discount. Purchasing the weight loss capsules that contain the extract of Green Coffee Beans online from the USA, you will manage to compensate those costs for the postal services.

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